Data Management and Data Sharing

WANETAM established a robust Data Management and Sharing Platform which cuts across all work packages for the effective collection, organisation, security and accessibility of quality health research data for analysis and interpretation. With the aim of developing and enabling the generation of new scientific evidence through data sharing, WANETAM pioneered the creation of Health Data Research West Africa (HDRWA), a data sharing platform and repository with a governance and data access model, to foster collaboration between researchers in the sub-region, the African continent and the wider scientific community.

HDRWA aims to maximise the outputs of research from the diverse and rich datasets held by African researchers, by aggregating these datasets in the HDRWA repository and providing managed access to these data to improve science. WANETAM believes there are numerous benefits to be derived from the sharing of health research data including the following:

  • Increase scientific discovery and improve health by answering more questions, faster with existing data.
  • Increase the value of African data by enabling it’s use for more publications and to support training.
  • Link academic credit to researchers who share data by assigning DOIs that track data use.
  • Meet funder (including EDCTP) and journal requirements for sharing data. Not sharing is no longer an option. Therefore, a secure, well-governed sharing mechanism is needed in Africa.
  • Prevent data loss with long-term, Africa-based storage for valuable African health data.
  • Facilitate data use and pooled analysis by aggregating large data volumes on one platform.
  • Protect the interests of patients and researchers with a trusted governance model.