Research Management

Globalisation is gradually breaking barriers in many fields and as the developing economies grow, there are programs advancing research competency in Africa. This is however, not meeting the need for investment in capabilities and capacities to manage research.

Although research managers are critical in strengthening high standard research and academic environments for optimal research output, research management professionals have limited opportunities to hone their skills to help contribute to and bolster the efficiency of research within the continent.

Within the EDCTP NoEs and particularly in the WANETAM network, the Profession of Research Management is not well known and most of the research management work is done by Project Managers. As a result, results delivery is below donors’ expectations. To help fill this gap, WANETAM partners with the West African Research and Innovation Management Association (WARIMA) to develop and deliver a Research Management training course as part of WANETAM’s plan to reinforce grant management.

The course is aimed at equiping trainees with the fundamental techniques and overview of Research Management as an ecosystem and to create a network of professional practitioners in the subregion whose members would benefit from sharing of international best practices, knowledge and opportunities for career development. The course targets institutional leaders, researchers, research management professionals in research institutions and administrators with essential Research Management knowledge, for them to support research in an effective and efficient manner in their institutions. This course is delivered both in-person and online with sessions on theory as well as practical case studies. The teaching areas covered under this training course are:

  • Programme grantsmanship and the search for funding
  • Budgeting and Costing
  • Performance and research outputs management
  • Research integrity, ethics and compliance
  • Managing collaborations
  • Researcher development
  • Project management
  • Communications and engagement and open science