Work Package 3: HIV

This work package seeks to advance the gains made in HIV diagnostic platforms that are essential to strengthening HIV care and management within health systems. Led by RARS/IRESSEF, the activities of this work package are aimed at achieving the following objectives:
1. To establish a unified cohort database of at-risk populations and facilitate data sharing including ART-acquired and ART-transmitted resistance across participating sites
2. To validate and roll-out viral load assays for both HIV1 and HIV2
3. To facilitate a platform and train sites on HIV drug resistance testing
4. To strengthen South-South and North-South collaboration

Professor Ndeye Coumba Toure Kane
Work Package Leader

Institut de Recherche en Santé de Surveillance Epidemiologique et de Formation, Senegal

Professor Almoustapha Maïga
Deputy Work Package Leader

Université des Sciences, des Techniques et des Technologies de Bamako, Mali

Professor Halimatou Diop Ndiaye
Deputy Work Package Leader

Université Cheikh Anta Diop, Senegal