Welcome Message from the WANETAM Coordinator

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the WANETAM Website.

Sub-Saharan Africa is still challenged by the heavy death toll caused by poverty-related diseases (PRDs) namely HIV, Tuberculosis, Malaria and other Neglected Tropical Diseases. Unfortunately, the necessary research capacity to address these health challenges is still weak both at institutional, individual and funding levels. 

As a response to this situation, the European and Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP) established four regional networks of excellence in Sub-Saharan Africa, including WANETAM with the objective of building essential capacities to conduct clinical trials to conduct clinical trials under best practices that follow ICH-GCP, GCLP and other internationally recognized guidelines.

After more than a decade of existence, WANETAM has become a renowned collaborative research platform attracting more and more scientists within the sub-region.

More specifically:

  • WANETAM has been able to consolidate a network of skilled scientists from Francophone, Lusophone and Anglophone countries in West Africa.
  • 500 young scientists have been supported through cross-cutting and specific short-term training courses.
  • 6 Laboratories have been accredited and many clinical trials are being implemented in various sites within the Network and the support is still ongoing.
  • Established a solid researcher development programme across the network.

Though we can be proud of the acquired results, we are conscious that the translation of research output and outcome into tangible benefits for our populations is still a big challenge. We are also aware that this challenge can be easily faced if we synergise with our peers from other networks and if we widen our partnership scope to the industry, other scientific collaborators, donors, government partners or any other entity willing to support or collaborate with us.

Succeeding in reaching this target will consolidate our networks and justify our uniqueness as EDCTP Node of Excellence in Africa.

I am confident that the best is yet to come!

Professor Souleymane Mboup

Coordinator of WANETAM.